Sofa Seating

Sofa seating at a wedding offers guests a cozy and intimate setting to unwind, mingle, and enjoy the festivities in comfort…

  • Times Square Collection
  • Da Vinci Collection
  • Lexington Collection
  • Manhattan Collection
  • Park Ave Collection
  • Soho Collection

Coffee Tables

Ensure comfort and convenience while enhancing the overall aesthetic and organization of the event.

  • LED Cubes
  • LED Cocktail Tables
  • Ghost Cocktail Tables (clear)
  • Element Collection (acrylic /silver)
  • Diamond Collection (silver / gold / glass)

Dining Tables

Foster a sense of togetherness and creating memorable dining/ceremony experiences amidst the joyous occasion.

  • Rustic Farm Wood (brown /white)
  • Parsons (black / white / mirror)
  • Acrylic (clear)
  • Mirror


Cabana rentals at a wedding provide luxurious and private retreats for guests to relax, unwind, and enjoy intimate moments amidst the festivities, adding a touch of exclusivity and sophistication to the celebration.

  • Draped
  • Wooden
  • Wood Sail

Bar Collections

Enhance the event’s atmosphere and facilitating smooth drink service, adding convenience and style to the celebration!

  • LED
  • Round
  • Leather
  • Mirror
  • Shimmer
  • Wrapped
  • Tiki

Dining Chairs

Renting dining chairs for a wedding ensures comfortable seating for guests during meals and receptions, enhancing overall comfort and elegance while complementing the event’s decor and theme, making every dining experience memorable and enjoyable.

  • Rustic Farm Wood
  • Ghost Chairs (acrylic)
  • Chavari
  • Bellini

Custom Dais / Chuppah

A custom dais at a wedding serves as a focal point for special moments such as the ceremony or speeches, elevating the couple’s presence and adding personalized flair to the event, creating a memorable and picturesque backdrop for cherished memories.


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